Monday, April 07, 2014

Various pictures

Nylon flowers I got off Etsy. The strand they were on had a shitastic plug, and when I tried to plug it in, it sort of exploded and the plug separated from the light string, so Patrick and I took the flowers themselves off the original light string and fastened them onto another one. It worked out pretty well, despite being aggravating.
And how they look strung up. Those are giant poofy ostrich feather fans on the walls, one in teal and one in burgundy. Love those things.
A fence around what I believe used to be a car dealership in the Capitol Hill district of Seattle that's been decorated along almost the entirety of its length with various interesting motifs. Loved the multicolored section here.
I took this photograph the other night after we went out to dinner but then ended up going home instead (too long of a wait, as apparently everyone else had exactly the same idea).
Chinese paper lanterns that used to be on the white light string we used for the nylon flowers. I had a string of blue lights given to me either last year or the year before by my mother, and this seemed like a good use for them.


Margaret said...

You need to help me decorate my house; you have such a creative eye for color, fabric and texture. (I do not!)

Kacey said...

Agreed, your taste is lovely. And resourceful, to boot! <3