Friday, April 04, 2014

Alice: Madness Returns or My New Obsession

You guys, this game is AMAZING. It's gorgeous. Any game where the protagonist dodges by dispersing into a cloud of morpho butterflies is all right by me, but Alice: Madness Returns is really spectacular.

In that vein, I totally want to be Crazy Alice for Halloween this year. Observe the object of my greed:

Yes, that is a GIGANTIC knife. It is bigger than my head. I LOVE IT. It's dull, but nothing's perfect.
Alice's trademark weapon in these games (this is the sequel to the first Alice) is the Vorpal Blade. It is a beautifully decorated, oversized knife that she uses to dispatch the baddies plaguing Wonderland. See below:

LOTS of dresses! See why I like this game, parents? My favorite is the steamdress, top middle.
I really really really want to wear that steamdress for Halloween, but I think it would be a nightmare to create. There are a few sites on the internet that do Alice cosplays, but most of them are crap. The one that isn't crap is very expensive. We shall see. I could always do the blue dress. Hard to screw that up, and more iconic anyway.
Better image of outfit I'd like to wear.
I have the stockings and the knife already. I also have boots that I will just use. They aren't an exact copy, but they will effing do. We shall see about the rest of it. I hope my serger shows up soon. Next I want a mannequin that I can adjust to my exact proportions. It would be so much easier than having to fit stuff to my own body all the time. You can't exactly pin around your backside with any amount of ease.

I also got an art book about the game, which is equally stupendous. Here is my crappy picture of it:

Love it. Babies are indeed creepy. And hey, look, my foot!
Here are some more lovelies:

Inside the art book
Oh Alice, you knife-wielding minx.
Clockwork city, the Hatter's domain.
The Cheshire Cat needs snuggles, too.


Margaret said...

Beautiful artwork--that's a VIDEO GAME? It looks amazingly detailed and chic.

Kacey said...

Before I read the rest of the post, I guessed that your favorite would be the top middle and the bottom middle! I thought you would have more than one favorite with all those dresses to choose from. I agree with Margaret, beautiful artwork in that game!

The wandering pilot said...

I remember a day when Wolfenstein was a problem.


Adrasteia said...

Wolfenstein is probably STILL a problem, haha. Patrick and my friend Brynn are playing Alice for me so my hands stay at a near-alive temperature. :p