Monday, March 24, 2014

Dollhouses and other wonders

The Age of Seroquel continues, and I remain in my delightfully happy-normal state! I am tickled. This, so far, is a total miracle drug for me. I love it. I have energy, I laugh, I enjoy myself, I can create, I don't worry nearly as much... basically I'm still me, just WAY BETTER. Best Me. I hope this drug's effects don't start wearing off and I can just take this low dose I'm currently on forever.

In other news, I have a dollhouse! It is so cool. I was at Otherworlds on Saturday for a sort of dollfest with my friend Brynn, and I mentioned wanting a dollhouse to her. She pointed to one up on top of a shelf and said, "Like that one?" It was for sale, and it was $50. $45 with an in-costume discount (they do this to encourage people to have fun and dress up when they come by the store).

I AM IN LOVE. Just look:
OMG HOW CUTE. That's Drusilla in the foreground with the top of Geisha's head and a nifty copper teapot, complete with candle to keep the tea warm. I have since removed Drusilla's heinous white makeup and am in the process of redoing her face and eyes. She's a good sport.
My hand for scale. This house needs repainting!
The floors with their new coat of grey paint (didn't bother masking stuff off, I'll do that next, when I do the walls and moldings) It also needs some little bits of trim here and there, like one thing for over a window and eaves for the roof.
Freshly painted house with my other project, that art card canvas. Walls are next.
Finished art card canvas hanging in the hallway! 78 cards are a real pain in the ass to organize evenly.
Look what I found for my dollhouse! It is a 4" weeping angel in attack mode!
Last but not least, an awesome Alessa Gillespie vs Alma Wade picture by Tr0phyKiLL sent to me by my friend A. Stone. Love the artistry. Wish they'd added Anna (Korlov) Dressed in Blood as well. She could definitely keep up. Fierce girls with superpowers unite!

Anna Korlov - not a girl you want to mess with.


Jennifer said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend! Though I would have liked to see the costume that got you the discount. ;)

Enjoy your new dollhouse!

Margaret said...

Wonderful news and beautiful doll house. I can't wait to see how you customize it; you are so creative and talented! xoxo